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The new paletero  Drop Shot Lyra 2021  has arrived  to provide maximum dynamism off the court when preparing for the most demanding matches, thanks to the latest technology. Feel the grip of  Lucas Campagnolo.

Among the Drop Shot bag collection we find the Lyra paletero, which is part of the 2021 CAMPA collection. It is a large capacity paletero bag, with a large central compartment, a compartment with space for 2 blades, a special compartment with ventilation for footwear and used clothing.


A paletero aimed at players of all levels who make padel a common practice and who are looking for a product that offers the highest quality standards. Comfort, durability and practicality describe this model from 2021.


Enjoy a modern design and feel the claw of the star Lucas Campagnolo.


Technologies Paletero Drop Shot Lyra 2021
At Drop Shot we work season after season to improve the best product and that is why the Drop Shot 2021 bag collection incorporates some important improvements over previous editions to improve the player experience.


This is the case of the Drop Shot Lyra Paletero, which has been designed incorporating the best technological advances to offer a high quality product, excellent durability and groundbreaking design.

Poly Leather: High quality synthetic material that perfectly imitates natural leather and at the same time respects the environment.

Features Drop Shot Lyra 2021 Paletero
Product type: Paddle bag

Qualities: Comfort and Durability

Game level: All levels

Material: Poly Leather

Technologies: Poly Leather

Lyra 2021, Drop Shot


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