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Pro Line II Rough  Kirschbaum adds some texture  CORRUGATED  to one of his most popular co-polys.

Help the most aggressive players hit without fear of being overshot. This not only allows you to hit with speed for dynamism and spin, but it also allows you to finish points with ambitious shots.

Although it is a firm rope, the great  intermediate and advanced players  Looking for a control and durability oriented string should give this a try.

- Caliber: 1.25 and 1.30 mm
- Length: 200 mts
- Composition:  copolyester
- Colors:  black

Pro Line II Rough Roll, Kirschbaum

  • With this  Pro Line II Rough  Kirschbaum adds CORRUGATED texture to the surface of one of their most popular copolyester strings.


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