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The  Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution  It is a more flexible feeling polyester string that allows a good grip on the ball and also good access to spin.

Being prestretched, it holds tension better than other polyester strings. Pro Line Evolution is 10% lighter and provides more power and spin.

The best:

  • Control
  • Spin
  • Durability
  • Duration of stress.

What type of player is this rope recommended for?

Pro Line Evolution  it's a great option for experienced poly players looking for the perfect balance between control, spin and long-lasting tension. " It is a rope that everyone who likes to play with Polyester loves.

- Caliber:  1.25mm
- Length: 200 mts.
- Composition:  pre-stretched copolymer monofilament
- Colors:  blue

Pro Line Evolution Roll, Kirschbaum

  • Pro Line Evolution is the result of 4 years of know-how of the materials that make up the Pro Line line.  Through a specially developed technique, we have achieved an optimal grip on the ball, and ensured the best spin and an impeccable transfer of force.



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