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Twisted Razor takes co-polyester ropes to a whole new level. Its triangular shaped profile provides the largest ball bite of any string. Genesis Twisted Razor provides the ideal combination of twist, power and control.

Construction: Genesis Twisted Razor is made from a proprietary, high-tech polyester resin composite formula combined with new performance-enhancing chemical additives. Extruded with a triangular profile, Twisted Razor additionally twists axially for maximum bite and control. Polyethylene material along with thermoplastic elastomers offers players the best in power and feel. An additional layer of Teflon increases the vibrancy and offers a good crisp string.

Advantage: Twisted Razor excels in the spin department. The rope is capable of crushing balls like no other. Specially formulated additives reduce rope movement and provide long-term tension maintenance.

Twisted Razor Rollo, Genesis

Color: Negro
  • Tipo: Monofilamento
    Forma: Triangular / Torsionada
    Composición: Copoliester
    Ventajas: Spin


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